Wondering if you need AC Vent Cleaning in Saskatoon? If you moved into any residential or commercial property, it’s essential to determine the condition of air ducts. Based on EPA, indoor air pollution is one of the most important environmental threats people face. HVAC or ducts system that were not inspected for several months or has not been cleaned for a year might have inadvertently be another breeding ground for various contaminants that are harmful to one’s health. Tears or holes in air ducts can even enable carbon monoxide to leak in from outside. Just think of the chemicals for cleaning that people use for cleaning buildings and homes, tobacco smoke, pet dander, candles, cooking, and some sources. All of these become part of air circulating in property office or home. VacDaddy.com


Can You Check Air Ducts? Unless you have some specialized equipment, you cannot do thorough check of the air ducts of your home, yet you may definitely check the inside. Get rid of the vent register. If it is dirty, you may assume safely that air ducts behind it’s much dirtier. If you are not sensitive to dust, use a flashlight inside and just take a look by yourself. You could take photos once you reach inside with the camera. If you see debris in this small section, you have dirty air duct. Vacuum cleaners will get rid of the loose stuff. For stuck-on crud, you’ll need to get in contact with us. Vacdaddy.com offers professional AC vent cleaning services that utilize topnotch equipment. What don’t clean your air ducts? The majority of people do not notice the gradual odor buildup in their own houses unless they’ve been away for several days. Therefore, if you do not clean air ducts, you might not notice dirty air odors for a few months. You may sense one eventually over time. Individuals who suffer from allergies or breathing complications will suffer more symptoms sooner as the amount of debris and amount in air increases. What You See in the Air Ducts? The air ducts carry the debris of the daily life including pests, cobwebs, dirt, dust, and droppings. It’s the stuff that breeds mold, mildew, and some harmful microbial organisms, which could circulate through the indoor air. Mold may be firmly confirmed through taking debris samples to the lab. But, antimicrobial solutions applied on the air duct surfaces after cleaning would destroy mold and some contaminants and prevent reoccurrence for a few weeks. Is AC Vent Cleaning Necessary? It sure is! Air duct cleaning is not just a matter of clearing air. In most homes, air often gets dirty quickly. As a matter of fact, any homes with six rooms will accumulate 60lbs of dirt in just a year from air ducts. So, air duct cleaning or AC vent cleaning is very necessary to keep the home clean and ensure the indoor air quality circulating inside. If it has been more than several years since your air ducts have been cleaned and inspected, it is highly recommended to schedule it as early as possible. Just make sure to hire VacDaddy.Com professionals for AC vent cleaning. Simply give us a call at (306) 384-4220 or fill out our contact form below.


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