VacDaddy offers mobile pressure washing in Saskatoon, whether it is in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting we can get the job right. Do you live in Saskatoon or the surrounding area and need mobile pressure washing services? Look no further, As we are fully licensed and insured. Mobile pressure washing is very effective on, building exteriors and interiors, canopies and walks, farm and agricultural equipment, food processing equipment, garbage chutes and bays, graffiti, heavy equipment, oil rigs, parkades, parking garages and other structures, paint that needs to be removed, restaurant exhaust equipment, wet sand and so much more. There is no job to big or to small for VacDaddy. Give us a call today at (306) 384-4220 and get your exterior walls professionally cleaned.

Benefits Of Mobile Pressure Washing

  • Properly Cleans heavy equipment
  • Removes graffiti off of garages and commercial buildings
  • Cleans Parkades
  • Properly cleans your store front for your business or office making it look more professional
  • You save money when you hire since you won’t have to pay any huge overhead expenses for the latest power washing equipment
  • Clean work truck and fleet trucks weigh less when they are clean making them more fuel efficient
  • Clean Farm Equipment will have a higher resale value

Our State-of-the-Art Equipment

All of our pressure washing systems can be both truck-mounted or portable, allowing us to reach any space at any time. If you have a need, we’ll be there. Conducive to any location or season, our pressure washing equipment can be heated or cooled to suit your needs, with temperatures ranging from zero to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Our 300-foot pressure hose can travel anywhere it’s needed, and various nozzle options mean that each mobile pressure wash is perfectly customized to give you the deepest clean and very best level of service.

The Vac Daddy Difference

With more than 28 years of industry experience, Vac Daddy is an industry leader in air duct cleaning and pressure washing services. Offering 24/7 service and a superior level of service tailored to your exact needs, we aim to serve and exceed every customers needs, every time. Give us a call today and experience the VacDaddy experience. (306) 384-4220

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