Furnace Cleaning, Duct Cleaning Packages, Saskatoon

Duct cleaning is not a one size fits all. Based on many variables we will do an analysis by asking very specific questions to determine the recommended technique. We will follow this up with a visual inspection in order to tailor a package most suited to your needs.

The Contender is an effective method that employs a long standing technique in the industry called the “push & pull” method that uses a high volume of suction and compressed air agitation… a complete approach from the floor register back to the furnace.

Perhaps your duct work has never been cleaned. Your home may have a history of pets, smoking, post-construction or subsequent renovations; and excessive dust accumulations commonly re-occur on your furniture shortly after cleaning. The Eliminator is designed to vigorously agitate the duct lining using a state of the art series of pneumatically driven devices. This effectively targets caked on, matted materials breaking them loose so that the powerful vac truck can pull them out.

Featuring The VacDaddy Cam – LCD visual inspection.
The Dominator is an all-out assault on the ducts with accumulations of 1” – 4” of matted materials woven together comprised of human hair, carpet fibers, lint, dead skin, etc, harboring eco-systems where dust mites and a multitude of other organisms live and thrive. The Dominator attacks the duct work in zones using a series of brushes and a pneumatically driven device called the ‘scorpion’ lifting, agitating and propelling this debris toward a powerful vac truck. Nothing touches The Dominator in the marketplace – period!

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